Family Definition Essay

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Family is most often described as an “organized transactional group usually occupying a common living space over extended periods of time” (Pearson) or a bond that creates “the sense of ‘home’ felt among individuals” (Wilkinson). My own personal definition of family is people that you feel your best and most comfortable self around. These are the people that surround you with unconditional love and support and they are in your corner through the ups and downs of life. Family does not have to consist of just blood relatives, this can also include friends, extended family, coworkers, mentors, teachers, or even pets. I created my definition based on my own families. I say families because they consist of my mom and my immediate family, my friends, …show more content…
My best friends are the closest people to me outside of my immediate family. My best friend Victoria and I have the rockiest relationship because we do not talk every day, every week, or every month, but when we do talk it is like we did not miss a beat. Every time I go home to Dallas I make sure that I visit her and my God Son Ryan. Our bond is so tight that when she delivered Ryan she only requested for Ryan’s father and I to be in the delivery room. And because the nurse left the delivery room I had to deliver Ryan on my own. My next best friend Eboni and I have been glued at the hip since junior year in high school. We became friends by being in the same cluster in high school and we had to be partners on a major project. We became so close that we decided to go to the same college together and despite every one warning us about rooming with friends we even became roommates. She has been with me through graduating from high school to my whole college experience from the restless nights up studying for tests, my first heartbreak, and even joining my lovely sorority. We love living together because we feel that sense of home while we are away from