Essay on Family Dynamics

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. Introduction  Family seems to have the most roles in delinquent behavior coming from teens.  There is child abuse, neglect, and delinquency leading to the cycle of violence  Family break ups, economic stresses, lack of proper child care, family conflicts all show high rates in juvenile delinquency. II. Point 1
Family break ups are between 40 and 50 percent for first time marriages. “As families undergo divorce, separation, and breakups, kids are often placed in foster care. These young adults share an elevated risk of becoming homeless, unemployed, of incarcerated.” Leading to economic stresses to teens as they become adults as well.
Lack of proper child care, kids being abuse, neglected. When they get abuse they grow up thinking it is okay to resolve conflict in violence. From neglect they do not get the proper attention they need, leading them to find acceptance else were like the streets. They also can suffer academically because there is not one to help or encourage them, leading them to find acceptance and understanding from gangs or other teens on the streets. They learn to survive that way because at least people are there for them. Just not with the right intensions. III. Point 2  There is however still other reason teens can become delinquent.  There is choice theory, as a teen they know right from wrong but still choice the delinquent path.  We all have free will. They right to choice what we want to do with our life. The right