Family Game Night Research Paper

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Family Game Night it’s More Than Just a Game of Twister
The Acapella Musical Family Game Night composed and written by Kendra Phillips produced by Western Washington University theater department in the Douglas Underground Theatre of Western Washington University’s Preforming Arts Center seen on October 20, 2016, was a spectacular blend of story, emotion, and song. Phillips musical only gave the audience enough information to keep them on the edge of their seat wondering what was going to happen next. October 20, 2016, was the world premiere of Family Game Night, Phillips is a new play write from the Pacific North West and Family Game Night is her first full-length musical to be produced. Family Game Night is about a family of four and
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With the choice of having a Twister Spinner as the floor, it showed the presence of the game at all times. It was an interesting choice to have the hands and feet be the rooms of the individual family members, and it made the audience think about what they were seeing and have to come up with the conclusion on their own. McVay takes on the role of Kayla although the first of its kind was dark yet intriguing. With the intimate stage of the Douglas Underground Theater, the audience was able to feel and understand McVay’s faces and the emotion conveyed. The role of Kayla was also very vocally challenging and McVay was able to captivate the emotion and the music together and convey the darkness of what was troubling Kayla. The way Darren McCroom and Kuntz worked together to establish lighting and sound to work together with increased the suspense of the overall show, to the point where I could feel myself shivering because I felt like I was in Kayla’s position, scared and alone, with loud yelling all around. Having the lights go dark and the sound getting louder and louder than stopping raised the tension of the show to where the entire theater was