Family Health Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment
Open-Minded, Family Focused Questions:
I interviewed my dad on all11 Functional Health Patters.
Values, health perception:
1. Do you have any past medical history like surgery or chronic illness?
2. Do you use tobacco, alcohol or drugs?
3. Are you taking any prescription/nonprescription medications?
4. What religion are you?
5. Is there any religious restrictions or practices?
1. Are you in any kind of diet?
2. Do you take any vitamins/supplements?
3. Do you have any difficulty swallowing?
1. How many hours do you sleep?
2. Do you take any medication to sleep?
3. Do you have any sleep apnea?
1. How often do you have
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When doing self-perception assessment nurses look for how are patient’s appearances. Do they look calm, irritable, anxious, restless, withdrawn, hygiene and dressed appropriately. Is the patient making any eye contact when talking and what kind of body language does he/she has. Role Relationship assessment is the patient living alone or with a family member. Are they married or single. Do they have any kids if yes how many kids do they have. Also asking patient if he/she is working.
Sexuality assessment done by nurses consists of asking question to patient like are they sexually active. Do they have any sexually transmitted disease. If the patient is a female when her last period was and is she taking any birth control when was her last pap smear done. And if the patient is male when his last prostate exam done and does was he have any sexual function problems. Coping with stress in daily life is very hard on everyone. Some people can tolerate stress very well, but some people have to take medicine to calm them down.
Wellness and Family Nursing Diagnosis:
Nursing assessment includes collecting data, analyzing data, and identifying problem. First level assessment is to identify any health conditions or problems. Second level assessment is there any barriers that the family encounters in performing the health task. Assessment promotes on nutrition and metabolic patterns. My dad is unable to have normal diet by mouth due to his throat cancer. He