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Chicano Studies
Sep 6, 2010
Family History The word migration can have a very different meaning to each individual. In the dictionary it is defined as the movement of people from one country or locality to another. I now see the word with such a deeper meaning no only is it the group of people moving, but in fact how they moved and the struggles they had to go through. Before I sat down with both of my parent and asked them about my “roots” I had no idea how difficult migration from Mexico to the US was for both of my parents families. I never took the time to listen to little details on how exactly they ended up in this country. After I took the time to listen to my elder relatives and parents talk about how they use to
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My mother explains to me that when she lived in Mexico religion was taken much more seriously there than it is in the U.S. that most people based there life on God and their faith. She has taught me and my siblings to think the same way. The tradition of going to church as a family and being Catholics with a very strong faith is still in our family today and will hopefully keep going with each generation.
My Great Grandmother Susana spoke fluent French and learned Spanish when she moved to Mexico. My aunt informed me she taught very little French to my Grandmother and her siblings. My Grandparents aunts, and uncles’ first language was Spanish. Since, I was a toddler my parents have been teaching me how to speak Spanish. I can speak Spanish it’s not perfect but I can hold a conversation. I was very grateful to know Spanish since this was my only way of communicating with my grandmothers and some other relatives. I have learned a great deal doing research on my family’s history. Many questions I had have been answered. I learned it wasn’t as easy as I thought to come to the U.S and I got to hear about my Great-Grandparents who I never got the chance to meet. I now know where my roots originated from, the economic status my family held, more about their education and my