Essay on Family: Human Trafficking and United States

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November 30, 2013
English 205 MW 5:50

Research Paper Prep Exercise

I chose to write my paper on human trafficking. What I want to cover about my topic is that it is a huge problem, not only in our country but internationally and many people are not aware of it at all. In many of the largest and most tourist-populated areas around the United States, Seattle, Texas, California, New York, many people are bought and traded every day for drugs, body parts and sex. Many locals of these places are not even aware that this is happening near their homes and their work places and in front of their eyes daily. Woman are taken from their families and never seen again. They are sold into sex slave and prostitution rings and drugged to keep them powerless. Babies are kidnapped from their parents and sold to people who cannot have their own babies and are never seen by their biological parents again.
I want to convince my reader that it is a very big problem and that it is a big business in the United States and many countries abroad. I would also like to inform my reader that it cannot afford to be ignored by the public. People are being taken from their families, mothers taken from their children and children from their mothers. People are dying and families never get any closure and it is happening right under our noses in some of the biggest cities in America. In Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City. These are very highly populated trafficking areas.
When the reader is through with reading my paper on human trafficking, I want them to think twice. There are many times when we as citizens go to other cities as tourists, we see prostitutes on the street and in the news. We know what they do, how they make money and the