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Couple's should be required to live to together for six months before getting married. This should be made a law for the reasons that I am going to explain. Couples who live together for 6 months can learn about each other and start to form a unit working as a team. They can learn how to balance their relationship, career's, personal lives, and even finances together. Through time, the other person's priorities and values will become clear, and couples can see if these really align before putting marriage on the table. Often this does not happen, and couples do not realize these until after marriage. Communication is the most important thing in most relationship's. By having to live with one another for 6 months, you will know if you guys will be able to communicate. Will you call her first ? Will you guy's put your pride aside ? Any communication issues will surface once the 2 of you live with each other. According to a poll on 66% of couples were cohabited before marriage, and enjoyed. This is opposed to only 34% that said that it had no effect.
A counter argument could be that moving in with someone before marriage would push you away from them, and lead to a divorce. Another counter argument could be what is the motivation for moving in and eventually getting married? According to an article on 19% of people that moved in before marriage ended up in divorce as opposed to just 12% of those that did not move in before marriage. This article question's why. It says that most of the time when men