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I personally have not had a mentally challenged family member, but from past experience when I was younger, I had a neighbor who had an autistic child. His name was Jan, his family had just recently moved from equator, for a boy his age, he was very much well talented and a beautiful child inside and out. He would come to our door every weekend morning asking for my baby sister and him to play. My mother on the other hand would say no, out of care. Jan was a very sensitive child and my sister on the other hand being 5 was well opinionated. He had the most beautiful teeth on an eight year old, he took care of himself well enough, brushing his hair, cleaning his room and making sure there wasn’t ever a stain on his shirt.
My other would ask me to help out the family, for every moment i had time. Being 13 that wasn’t a hobby I very much enjoyed, I would go over every Friday night asking the mother if any of her children had any homework problem I could help, any laundry I could aid her with, or if I could just give her time to enjoy herself by taking the children out. She felt hesitant to say no with the entire struggle she would go through, but every Friday she would give me a falling smile and say “no you enjoy yourself.” Looking back, I wish I wasn’t so insensitive, I wish I had given her a day for to do everything she hadn’t. Jan’s mother had all the quality’s every individual should have; she was a good mother, a good neighbor and an outstanding