Family Practice In Healthcare Essay

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Cristal Ramirez
Family Practice in Healthcare There are many different ways families take care of themselves when it comes to home remedies. I am a Mexican American and most of my family comes from Mexico. My family is all about being in shape and eating healthy. Yes, we eat a lot of Mexican food but we workout and watch the portions we ate and the ingredients we use. If we notice that someone is gaining a little weight we’ll make sure to let them know. Sounds a little harsh? Yes, but we are just helping each other out. It’s not what you say, its how you say it; is what my mom has always told me.
Being in a Mexican family most people would think that we have a lot of home remedies, however we really only have one specific one we use and we only use it when someone has a sore throat or just isn’t feeling good, it’s called Caldo de Res (soup of rice). The first person we turn to is mama or to grandma. Women are just naturally loving and caring, so that’s why we go the mothers of the family first. Also because in our culture the women are suppose to take on the role.
My family is also known to have a long life span because of our healthy eating. We drink sprite when our stomach is upset or eat chicken noodle soup. I have heard many different way to treat people who aren’t felling good but one thing my family has taught me is that if you’re not dying then you don’t need to go to the doctor. I don’t think is it bad to think that way because medical payments get expensive