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My Family Reunion By Demetria shaw

My family Reunion consists of three days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday is our meeting day, it’s when my family members gather together to discuss the menu and activities for Saturday, plus time and place. On Saturday the family will meet at the park around 12:00 pm, the men will get there around 10:45 am and 11:00 am to get the barbeque pits hot and ready for hot dogs and hamburger patties, and the deep fryer for the French fries
On Saturday the grownups play basketball, bat mitten, and even checkers against the children, and it’s so much fun watching my family members enjoy each other. After all the games have been played, and the food is ready it’s off the restrooms to wash hands so we can all sit and eat together, At the end of the day the elders discuss what time we’ll meet tomorrow bank on Sunday.
On Sunday morning the family will split up and go to 2 different churches, after church we’ll change clothes, and meet up at the bank around 2:00 pm. Upon entering the bank you have to stop and register with the family secretary just in case your address and phone number has changed. After that we would all mix ,mingle, and talk ,because very yea I’m subject to meet a relative I’ve never meet before.
Around 3:00 pm. Our program will an with a master or mistress of ceremony. First we have a prayer followed by a hym the seating of the