Essay on Family Stressor-Strength Inventory (Fs3I)

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The Hyppolite Family
“The purpose of this paper is to apply the Family Systems Stressor-Strengths Inventory (FS3I) to a family and present an analysis of the finding.” For the purpose of this paper the family will been known as the Hyppolite Family. The family discussed in this paper is considered a traditional nuclear family living in a single family home. Included is a Father Andrew Hyppolite (AH) age 38, a mother Katharine (KH), age 36, and four children Zoë , Timothy, Sarah, and Scott, whose ages are 9, 7, 5,3. Andrew and Katherine have been married for 10 years. The mother is a stay a home mom who performs household duties and children activities. The husband Andrew works outside the home at an Accounting Firm. Both parents have a
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According to the text, ABCX Model states that the origin of stress can be related to internal and external family events. Stressors can also become as source of strength and led to a support system and source of happiness, but only when the source of stress is not outweighing the benefit. Katherine has a difficult balancing her children after-school activities and everyday housekeeping takes a lot of energy and reduces her “me time” and husband time. She sees her busy schedule as a problem with incorporating daily exercise for her overall health. Due to the kids’ busy schedule and Andrews work overload their couple time has been reduced. The couple used to go on monthly dates and church groups. The stable of the house has become unstable causing a mild stressor as a family unit. By focusing on this service and learning way to stabilize the house will create a positive outcome. The family needs primary, secondary and tertiary intervention per FS3I. Primary sections included reducing risk factors, prevent stress, strategies for wellness retention. Providing an intervention now will reduce the possibility of stressor encountering in the future. The different variables effect how the Hyppolite are coping with their level of stress and the resources they have in overcoming them. Coping begins after the onset stressor has occurred. By using stress reduced methods and compromising as a