Family Strife Between Siblings

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Mitchell George
Final Draft Paper This paper will describe the effect of family strife between siblings, explore why they occur, explain what happen in the family if family conflict goes untreated/unresolved, and purpose of healthy changes for family members to consider. Implicit in this research is the idea that extreme sibling conflict and aggression have implications for child adjustment; many different things can cause siblings to fight. Also, this paper will cover strategies to deal and cope with family conflict: How one could handle this issue without letting it affect younger children.
I have three sisters and two brothers, and one of my sisters has the same father and not the same mother. My other sister and I have the same mother and father. Then another sister is my step-sister due to marriage. The most family strife I have is with my sister same mother and father as me. This is the sister that I love the most, but we can’t seem to get along for long. She is a spoiled brat due to my father and always having to get her way. I’m the youngest of the bunch and was raised with tough love. My sister and I always get into arguments when she can’t get her way. Just a month ago, we squabbled because she got mad at me for being late to take her to work. When I didn’t have any gas money to take her so borrow some money from someone. She called me at the last minute and said that she didn’t have a way. It was only like ten minute before she was supposed to be at work. That escalated to her telling me that she didn’t want me to do anything for her and not to worry about her or her kids. Since I’m the one that making sure that her youngest child made it to school every morning, and then picked him up after school; even though I have to be to work in the afternoon. So the next day I didn’t take him to school, and she got someone else to take him and didn’t tell me. So I didn’t pick him up from school, so he was left at school all day and they had the police pick him up and brought him home and they called DCF. The next day we had a big argument and stop talking to each other and haven’t been talking since then. We always have disagreement about who we talk to and how each other live there life. She acts like she is my mother because we were so close and my mother had passed away. The people on the outside looking in would be bias to the situation or they might have seen me as the bad person because even though me and her wasn’t talking I should have still made sure my nephew made it home, but my side to the story was I was at the hospital with my baby because she had a boil on her booty and they had to cut it open the same day that this went on. When this situation occurred I was mad at the moment because she is grown and shouldn’t have everybody to do everything for her, she is financially immature, but after I cooled down I felt bad because she’s my blood and we are supposed to stick together no matter what. This often occur when we are around each other for a long period of time like a month or two, or when things don’t go her way. This is just the most recent incident that have occur between the two of us, there are plenty more incidents like me not taking her to work, me asking her why it so hard for her to pay her bill when she has a good job, or me moving back to cocoa, and the list goes on.
“Most brothers and sisters experience some degree of jealousy or competition, and this can flare into squabbles and bickering” (Sigh, 2012). In our case, we also get into it from stress, aggravation, and verbal abuse. These are sometimes because of the way we were raised and we observed from our surroundings. Personally conflict between adults and siblings can be extremely destructive because the conflict can get violent and not only could it affect us but other family members as well. It was describe best when D.R. Carl Piccard said," Fighting is not a sign of children not getting along. It is how they get along - using