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Nicholas Krimin
October 10, 2013
Research Paper

Will my family resume the tradition that we’ve always had each and every summer? My family’s summer time traditions were drastically affected by Hurricane Sandy. We were all devastated by this storm, after it all happened we couldn’t imagine what the after math was like. Our family’s memories were all lost, as a child sandy had physically taken away things that were unbearable not being able to see there, such as rides, games, and restaurants. New Jersey most definitely had gotten hit the worst for many reasons. One reason, being that the Jersey Shore was not the same, people house got ripped apart which left them homeless. The second reason being that the Jersey shore was a family community every year tons of people would drive wherever they were from. MTV’s Reality show “Jersey Shore” was filmed here this was actually a good thing for the local Seaside Heights and Seaside Park residents because this brought fans to the shore. Amazingly theses two towns brought in much more money than ever. Therefore people would benefit from this because they would have money to start rebuild right away. People were prepared for this in many ways, they were informed for evacuation, and they knew their belongings were going to suffer greatly. Most people knew their house would no longer be able to live in.
Super Storm Sandy happened in mid October of 2012 and devastated the east coast. During the time of rebuild it was so upsetting to see that everything was destroyed. Every year one week in mid July we would spend it at my aunt’s beach house, but it wasn’t the same since it had to be re-built with all new furniture. The houses that had gotten hit the worst surprisingly were the rich houses because they were right by the water and the dunes that were around them were terrible and had now support for the high rushing water.
The beaches, attractions, and amusement parks were in ruins. This was cause by strong winds, flooding, and rain damage. For example the whole boardwalk got destroyed as well has the pier that went out over the water. The boardwalk has the games and the eateries, and the pier held the rides as well as the mini golf. The part of the pier that had broken off, the Jet Star Rollercoaster, which when was first built my aunt was the first one to test ride it. Knowing that its gone breaks her heart. Many of the New Jersey people donated their money, and their time to do everything they can to rebuild it so that the Jersey Shore will be open for next summer. People are doing all that they can to help restore the shore. As far as which towns got affected the most there were a variety of towns that got hit terribly. Manahawkin got it the worst due to the poor dune systems that could not slow down the roaring waters. The other towns that neighbor each other were all hit just as bad.
The family tradition will never be the same again as it