Family Violence Case Study

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1.) Based on your reading of this chapter, how would you define family violence?

Family violence occurs in many forms; the most prominent are domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse. Family violence affects many persons at some point in their life and constitutes the majority of violent acts in our society. Family violence requires that a relationship exist between the parties before, during and after the incident of the family violence. Family violence differs within each family and is any act committed between family or household members, which are intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or is a threat that place the person in fear of immediate physical harm or bodily injury.

2.) What is
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2.) Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is neurological damages caused by shaking the child violently back and forth; this creates injuries particularly to the head. It is the leading killer of abused children. The shaking is directly proportional to the degree of frustration felt by the parent or caretaker. The injury or even death occur when the child is shaken back and forth, causing the brain to move in the skull.

3.) The child should only be returned to the mother only if the mother is deemed “parentable” by the Court. The Court may determine that the injuries were not the fault of the mother or the mother attempt to prevent the injuries. One can argue that it is child abuse when a parent deliberately inflicts an injury that causes severe pain or seriously impairs a physical function or if the parent is aware of the occurrence of the abuse.. If the parent were not the cause of the injuries, punishing the mother or revoking parental rights will not help the child recover.
4.) A Judge does have the authority to order a a mother who has a criminal record of physically abusing her children to take birth control. This Court order can be justified if the mother is not sentenced to prison, but is placed on probation with the ability of being in the community, which would also give her a high probability of becoming impregnated.

5.) If the convicted child