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Causes and Consequence of Family Violence
Danielle L Alberty
University Of Phoenix Family Violence has increased in a traumatic way as families become faced with life and life struggles, as a child in a home with family violence become frantic when dealing with those in a confrontational manner. Family violence affect the entire family as a whole, this type of behavior can either harm or help your children when dealing with this as they get older, in most homes when children are around this behavior they display without even knowing. As a child they will show more physical aggression when dealing with others some will hide from their abuser and never tell anyone fearing that they will get in trouble.
Family violence/ domestic violence is: when someone meaning a spouse or family member willing uses physical aggression, intimidation, fear, assaulting another, sexual assault and battery of a certain kind. This person is abusive physical and verbally, they want to have power and control over individuals and once they don’t get what they want this is when the violence occurs. (National Coalition against Domestic. (2015).
As a Human Service Professional when dealing with someone who have been abusive or they have witness the abuse you have to provide many different therapeutic services from family therapy, housing if needed and ongoing one on one counseling. When assessing a child you one have to make sure that the child will open up to you so that they could express the family violence in how there feeling when it goes on, also you as the Human Service Professional have to indicate your choice of words because, most of the children even the adults doesn’t want to relive that abuse all over again. Most children will try to hide their feelings in will not address the traumatic childhood events because, of the memory, and the mental state of mind that it put them when talking about the abuse. Many adults are ashamed and embarrass from being victims of both adult and childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, so as a Counselor staying away from being judgmental, pointing fingers, and showing humiliation when assessing both children and adults. Prioritize threating members from the non-threating members, and then move forward with services according to the needs of the individual. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. (2000).
As a family dealing with violence from physical to verbal abuse there are so many different types of long term and short term issues, one the common long term issues can range from mental all the way to emotional issues when dealing with individuals as they move forward with their everyday life, arthritis, hypertension, and heart disease. Many women who have been abused end up losing their jobs, livelihood, loss of family members and friends, they feel that no one can love them and will never move on because they have the fear of being looked as it’s their fault they were abused. Most children mainly boys have seen their parents been abuse demonstrate significant behavioral and emotional problems, including psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, and excessive crying. Studies have shown that when males witness their fathers abuse the mothers, he will become violent to his spouse as well, when girls witness their fathers being abusive they will either end up with a man with the same behavior’s or they will know what to not put up with which can lead them to being single because, there refusing to deal with the abuse. (Prosecuting Attorney. “Domestic Violence”.)
There are many reasons why individuals