Family's Influence on a Person's World Views Essay

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Topic 1: Our worldview is shaped by our families more than any other force

This statement is to some extent true; as for some individuals their families are their main driving force to how they view the world, but for some other forces are the forces to how the world is viewed in their eyes. Most human beings are raised in families, and it is inevitable that children will absorb the values and ideas being released around them everyday. However, individuals must eventually leave their family, and come into contact with the outside world. Their worldview will then come into contact with other views and value, which may cause internal or external conflict within the individual.

Firstly lets discuss how families can be the main driving force for individuals. When the individual is at his first twenty years of life, the people that are around the individual the most are their families. This means that the individual’s families are the ones that raise them and teach them many things. When an individual is around the toddler age, the individual will quickly take in everything their parents tell them about the world. If their parents tell them something is dangerous, they would do their best to avoid it and the theory would stick with them for life. How the individual view the world can also be shaped by how they were raised when they were young or what their family went through. If they were spoiled at a young age, than they would think that life is much easier than it actually is. If they were raised in strict way, then they would think the exact opposite. If the individual’s parents were or are rebels then they would think it is ok to commit crimes. An example of this is in the film The Black Balloon. Charlie (the autistic brother) is raised in a happy family, who treat him well. When Charlie is let out into the world, he believes that everyone else would treat him in the exact manner, but is bullied by the other kids at his brother’s school.

However for some individuals their families are sometimes never there for them, so therefore is not the main driving force that shapes their worldview. Also when the individual grows older, they will meet new people and make new friends. These people from outside the family might convince you to view the world their way. And the individual will start question their values of their worldview. For example, in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The main character; Gilbert, is presented as a caring and calm older brother, who looks after his obese mother, his autistic brother Arnie, and his two sisters. He seems to be devoted to his family and does not seem to question his role. However when Becky arrives in town for a few days, she coincidently runs into Gilbert, who was what Gilbert needed at this point in his stressful life. Becky is a very respectful and patient young lady and is very accepting to Gilbert and his family. She was the only person who Gilbert could actually express his feelings to. This helped out Gilbert a lot, as she helped him deal with this current family situation. Becky