Famous Brands Case Study

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Famous Brands LTD 2
Spur Corporation 3
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Famous Brands LTD

Famous Brands LTD is South Africa’s largest and most familiar branded food service franchiser. This company is listed under JSE Limited in the category Consumer Services: Travel and Leisure. This company was the first listed in November 1994 and had a rate of R1.00 per share, bringing to the market a total of R25 million in capital. In the past two decades the business has expanded tremendously almost beyond recognition from the business it was back in 1994. Comprising of the only Steers brand and a limited supply of chain component, to the
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This company was the first listed in November 1994 and had a rate of R1.00 per share. On February 28, 2017 Famous Brands conducted a business mode which included the portfolio of 27 brands and 2782 restaurants across the world. Famous Brands has one of the largest networking structures, and has established many market leading brands.
• Spur Corporation is a restaurant franchise group. It was founded by Allen Ambor the executive chairman of Spur Corporations. It was founded in 1967 of an investment with a total capital of R4000 to open the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town. In December 1990, a second restaurant brand, Panarottis Pizza Pasta, was developed. Although Spur Corporation is a successful franchise and organisation, they do not have as many brands and franchises as Famous Brands does.
I think investing in Famous Brands will be the best choice because of the amount of capital the establishment is able to achieve. Appendix:


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