Famous or Infamous: Analysis of The Three Musketeers Essays

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Famous or Infamous Although Alexander wrote The Three Musketeers to entertain people for money much the same reason movies are made today, his pecuniary motives for writing do not make the book any worse; they make it better. He put his heart into writing the book so he could profit hugely off of it and indeed he did. His book, if anything, is a story of romantic heroism with heroes above the law and colorful characters that make it a great read. The setting of the story is during a time of instability, giving opportunities for sword wielding heroes, the three musketeers and D’Artagnan to prove themselves gloriously in battle. In the story D’Artagnan defeats the best of the Cardinal’s guards, a group of elite swordsmen who rival the musketeers in skill and prominence. Also D’Artagnan befriends three musketeers and together they go on many adventures including one in which they defeat an entire military garrison. All these adventures create an adventurous and great story. Of course every story with great heroes has even more insidious villains. Although the Cardinal is a major antagonist, the real villain in this story is Milady, a woman who is indeed a demon incarnate to the point she is one of the most famous evildoers in literary merit. This woman hates D’Artagnan more than the Cardinal and wants to kill anyone she doesn’t like. She seduced and murdered her husband for his fortune and persuades others to assassinate or incarcerate the main character D’Artagnan. Although she is not a man, her powers of seduction and persuasion as a woman make her even more feared. The Three Musketeers isn’t without flaw. In order to create such a heroic story, Dumas made them do heroic feats. Therefore he made his