Famous Photographer-Ansel Adams: A Brief History Of Photography

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Photography, a way to express the world in your eyes so why should you become photography? Well there is many people who enjoy photography and I learned i loved photography from the one tiny picture my mom asked me to take of my sister. In that one split second i learned i wanted to become a photographer. This paper will examine the facts about photography

History of Photography- The word photography comes from two greek ancient words photo for “light”and graph for “drawing”. Photography is described “drawing with light”. When photography is produced a form of light and another radiant energy such as X- rays is used to create a picture of an object or scene. With the invention of photography it’s taken skilled artist hours
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He was born February 20, 1902, in San Francisco California. When he was a child during the San Francisco earthquake of 1906’s aftershock sent him flying into a garden wall causing him to break his nose which really wasn’t set properly when he was born. He was a bad child who was dismissed from several schools due to bad behavior.So with all the free time he taught himself how to play piano, but as he played he also experimented with photography on a trip to Yosemite National Park. He sold his pictures at “Best Studio’s” a shop in Yosemite …show more content…
I have discovered the bigger the company, the longer it takes to get paid. Don't get me wrong: The companies are not disputing the invoice; it's just their policy to hold off paying for 60 — and sometimes even 90 — days. [It's] hard to run a small business on those terms. Another difficulty I face is the need to educate clients [about] why they can't get a champagne shoot on a beer budget. They see some imagery I have created and want a shoot with similar production value, not realizing that the image was produced by a crew of over 10 people — not including the models and location. I do my best to give them the most bang for their buck, but sometimes, you have to help with their expectations. Which leads to another point: Working with animals is the most fun ever, but I get frustrated when a client wants the animals to perform behaviors that are not natural to them or they just cannot