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Zhouhao fan
Jan. 20, 2015

Short Resource Paper (First Draft)
Dreaming to explore the unknown world, or chase dreams, or challenge their limits, people now are more likely to ascend the mountain, and the number of mountain climber is continuing increasing. There is a hot debate about whether mountain climbers are heroes or selfish people? Personally speaking, although climbers spend a lot of money and take a big risk, they challenge human’s limits, show the world with the scenes ordinary people were unable to see, win honor for their motherland. Thus, mountain climbing is an action of pursuing heroism and the mountain climbers are true heroes.
Continuing challenge humans’ limits, mountain climbers have the strong wills that no one can compare. Tomaz spent eleven days on the South Face alone, surviving icefalls and avalanche without food, water and protection sometimes. Mountaineers would like to overcome dangerous quests, their Holy Grail the adventure itself. They fashion their own odysseys, leaving the known for the unknowns, venturing into high places where suffering and trials await them. (Coffey, 2003) It is really hard to imagine a man can survive in a mountain without supply for eleven days. Mountain climbers face with much more problems about surviving than ordinary people. They try to challenge and push their limits every time they go to an adventure, and survive by their strong wills. People who argued this action is selfish would be amazed by the strong will of these climbers because when they under the circumstances when they have no food, no heat and no water, their wills keep them alive.
While having trouble surviving, mountain climbers are volunteered risking their own lives to climbing onto the top of the mountain and showing the world with the scenes they were not able to see. Coffey wrote in the article “Where the mountain casts its shadow” that Columbus set sail on exploratory sea voyages despite he might fall of the edge of the world; Neil Armstrong was the first person step onto the surface of the moon. Adventurers would explore the world even though knowing the existence of dangerous factors. Discovering new physical, mental, and spiritual territories, they give human beings a window to see the magnificent nature and reveal the potential of human experience.(Coffey, 2003) Mountain climbers take the high risk and try to explore the unknown mountain. What they do are not only for themselves. They show more fantastic view for those people who cannot reach such a high altitude, explore somewhere