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The Nutcracker Critique Over this previous weekend, I got to spend time with my sister and go see the Russian ballet perform The Nutcracker. My sister and I have never seen a ballet in person so it was a first experience for us both, it also it gave our parents a night without the kids. We ventured all the way out to Dallas to finally go see the Nutcracker, bought the tickets, and made our way to our seats. While we waited for the ballet to start, I grabbed out a pen and a pad of paper to begin taking notes. Finally, the curtains opened and the first act began. In the first act the nutcracker prince started fighting the mouse king. I made a note to what you are always telling Kash in our class, have broader shoulders and that men can spring up and jump incredibly high. The leaps and strides they made look so graceful and effortless which made me jot down to ‘watch myself in class while I run in class to appear more graceful.’ The next thing that amazed me was how fast their turns were. Their turns were flawless. They didn’t slouch or bend their legs so their bodies were one line. Moving on to the way everyone was perfectly in unison, like they were all one person duplicated over and over. The symmetry was outstanding. Everyone had an opposite that followed on the other side of the stage. In class, you’re always worried formations and if everyone has an opposite in space and if someone doesn’t have an opposite, then you fix it. Also, their formations were amazing, everyone had a place to be in and everyone was still visible throughout the whole ballet. There was one dancer that was a lot taller than all the other men dancing so naturally he took my eye away from all the action for a few steps. Whenever the Arabian Duet dancers came on stage, they had my full attention. They were so sharp yet still graceful about their motions. The