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Fantasy Football, Taking Football to New Levels
Rebecca Fernandez
Axia College of University of Phoenix
COM 125 Utilizing Information in College Writing
Patty Lucas
October 28, 2006 Fantasy Football, Taking Football to New Levels

Football Sunday, the family has got a bucket of hot wings and beer, sitting in front of the TV waiting for the kick off. It's Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers and I have got my Champ Bailey jersey on while my husband is wearing his Tomlinson 21. We are ready for the game to start, but suddenly my husband changes the channel to check on the Cincinnati vs. Tampa bay game, so he can check on his fantasy football quarterback. Meanwhile I'm on the internet checking on my fantasy football defense, the
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Esoteric statistics, different colors and numbers endlessly flashing all over the screen. For only 10 bucks, you can get up-to-the-second updates on your fantasy team. Almost instantaneously, you can find out which placekicker just threw a touchdown or that some self-loathing tight end just had another temper tantrum on the sideline. (Fantasy Football: An interactive NFL fantasy, 5).
Now many sites on the internet are offering free leagues to play fantasy football, they use upgrades like "StatTracker" to make profit. ESPN has stopped charging players this year and the network has said that it's doubled its number of fantasy football players (, 2006).
With the number of people using the internet today at work or at home, the chance to come across advertisements for fantasy football has doubled. People are even playing fantasy football on work computers. The internet has become a sanctuary for fantasy football members, with many different places and sources to gather information. In September of 2006, Catherine Holahan stated that:
Fantasy football fans are flooding the Net, lured by blogs, message boards, and a host of other social-networking capabilities that let people research, build teams, and debate topics from who's the best running back to which fantasy player has the best strategy, Ambrosius says. In July alone, Yahoo Fantasy Sports drew 3.1 million users, compared to 952,000 at ESPN's fantasy site and 929,000 who used Sportsline's