Far And Away Essay

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Far And Away

The movie is about two Irish immigrants that come from two different life styles. One is a rich girl Shannon is “Nicole Kidman” with a rich family, and Tom Cruise is “joseph” he is a poor peasant farmer that just lost his dad to a fatal injury and he is in a town that calls themselves the rebels that rebel against the rich there code word is “captain moonlight” so they know who are rebels and who aren’t. They have all these problems going on is Ireland so the decide to immigrate to the United States for land is why joseph want to go because his dads dying wish was for him to go there and own land, she just wants to go because she doesn’t like the life she is in she wants to be more modern. So she runs away but back in 1892 women couldn’t travel alone so she asked him to go and she will pay for his ticket. They end up in Boston looking for their dreams to come true. But she gets robbed just after she getting off the boat, it wasn’t the welcome she excepted because she is rich. But on the other hand he likes it because he comes from a different life style so he fits right in. I thought it is interesting how they had their own little-Ireland in Boston, just like little-Italy in New York today. It all started when all the immigrants started coming to United States in the early 1700’s an 1800’s from various countries. And still to this day we have towns and cities that still have the mark left from immigration, like South Boston has a high Irish population and more.
So now they’re in the United States and they see the discrimination that the Irish get especially if you are a poor immigrant. They got jobs working in a chicken factory in Boston to make money to move out west to stake their claim in their own land that there giving away in the Oklahoma Territory. The United States held real races for land, I didn’t believe it t but that’s how it was In the “Wild West” so the make enough money but he loses a fight against a Italian boxer. Joseph did it for extra money prize fighting and he was the best until the Italian scrapper beats him, and they lose all their money it gets taken from them by the top king Irish mob guy that runs the Irish part of the city. So after losing it all he is walking down the street and seen that her parents had come to America to looking for their daughter Shannon. And so then he goes back and that’s when they get robbed. Now they’re left out on the street and nobody will help them they just look out the window and do nothing. They decide to break into a house to eat and warm up and they pretend it’s…