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Consider the jobs of ‘call center employee, police officer, nurse, IT specialist or airline pilot. Which would be the most stressful for you (i.e. what kinds of stressors are there and why are they stressful?).
Police Officer

Stress is the response of our daily life interaction which possibly may create negative effect in our mental and physical health. This occurs due to stretching our full ability or potential to do something, it may come in different forms starting from back pain to mental illness like anxiety or insomnia. Stress is present in everyday life and it may not necessarily needs to be a negative thing, some people over comes stress and performs better. Stress can be overcome by identifying the causes of the stress, the stressors. Some use stress to motivate themselves to perform better. As stress is present in everyday life and stress through work is very common. An athlete might stress himself or herself by training to perform and the organizational workers might stress themselves by the jobs they perform and the effort they put.
Stress is presence is all kind of work even the job of a police officer. I believe the job of a police officer is very stressful, they are present in our daily life even on the times when we take break from daily life activity. There are plenty of stressor that effects police officer through there work, this is not just a job for them it’s a lifestyle. They have to prepare themselves for any crisis situation even by putting their life in threat. Their work schedule isolates themselves from meeting friends and family.
Cooper and Eaker six major category of workplace stressor will evaluate the stressor of a police officer. Factors Intrinsic to the job of an officer would be the poor working condition the officers are not given proper instruments or instruction to perform their duties, they often faced with danger and risk to deal with certain situation. They are not properly rewarded for the positive work and has critical paper works and procedure with long hours of shifts and excessive overtime work which takes away lots of hours from their daily life. They are often faced with negative feedback from their positive work like unfavorable court decisions, decrease funding from government. Role of a police officer changes with the situation they are faced with all different kind of duties and responsibilities they might find themselves in mass shooting or may witness some domestic violence and peoples suffering. This uncertainty of situations puts them into role ambiguity they often find themselves which role to play in crisis situation. The also suffer from role conflict as they always uncertain about the role clarity fro example a patrolling officers job is to patrol through out an area but if he notice a incident then he has to report it with proper paper work and if the incidence result in going to the court then he has go to the court and perform other procedure but his job was only to patrol there we can see that the clarity of the role and role conflict arise. They also may be ordered to do something unethical.

Relationship with work of an officer is closer then with their family or friends. They live a lifestyle and they are more comfortable with their collogues then with family or friends cause they understand their situation and keep information secretive and it is difficult for them to talk about work with family or friends cause as it has confidential information and violence. They always find themselves in a strict communication structure where proper respect and dedication are required to the superiors and other colleagues. The opportunity of career development quite insignificant for an officer specially for ground level officers some has spend their whole career in one position. They are consciously trained to improve their skills and there skill is evaluated continuously and lack of improving skills might result in job loss too. Police department is well