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Fahrenheit 451 What are firemen known for? Most would say putting out fires, but in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 that's not the case. In this book the firemen are the ones who start the fires. Beatty isn't really a bad guy he just follows the role of his job and what society tells him to do. The other side of it is that Beatty is pretty mean and will do anything and everything to get the job done. Beatty was tired of being this old mean man and tired of his job, he knew he wanted to die and used Montag to get his wish. Beatty is known as a mean horrible man but that's not entirely true, he also understands Montag more than anyone in this book. "Beatty I'm tired and you said you were quitting" (Bradbury 105). Beatty is a fireman, firemen hate books but Beatty quoted a book which shows that Beatty read the book. Beatty still does what society tells him to do which is burn every book that he sees. I also think Beatty sees Montags point. "At least once in his career, every fireman got an itch. What do books say they all wonder" (Bradbury 59). Beatty has serious conversation with Montag and tells him that it happens to everyone, Montag feels as if Beatty has some sympathy for him. Beatty fully embraces the justification of burning books quotes from literature. Beatty quotes literature when arguing with Montag throughout the book, this means Beatty knows books are useful. Beatty knows society is messed up and uses Montag to get what he wants. Beatty is pretty mean brutal and harsh he won't let anything stop him to get his job done and what ever gets in his way will get destroyed. Beatty will come to killing if he has to in order to keep people from reading. "He slapped her face with amazing objectivity and repeated the question" (Bradbury 33). Beatty slapped the women hard just to find out where she was keeping the books, no man would slap a women that hard to find that out. There are many other ways to find things out. Beatty treats her like shes nothing just because of his hatred toward books. "What is there about a fire thats so lovely? No matter what we are, ehat draws us to it" (Bradbury 92). Beatty gets happiness out of Montags pain, he enjoys it most because he thinks Montag deserves it for not following the rules. Beatty forces Montag to burn down his own house, Betty also threatens to track down Faber (McGiveron). Beatty makes Montag to burn down his house and watch it. Beatty eels that Montag is getting exactly what he deserves which forces Montag to turn on Beatty and kill him with the flamethrower. Beatty gets exactly what he wants. In Montags mind Beatty is an evil man and got exactly what he deserved. Beatty hated his job and hated his life, he wanted to die. Beatty got what he wanted. "Beatty wanted to die" (Bradbury 116). Beatty truly