farenheit 451 Essay

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Fahrenheit 451
Original publication-1953
Author- Ray Bradbury
Major character-
Guy Montag-brainwashed fireman who becomes an independent thinker
Beatty- mean, arrogant, brainwashed
Faber- old, timid, helpful
Clarisse McClellan- thoughtful, curious, loving
Minor characters- Mrs. Phelps- brainwashed, emotionally absent Granger- hobo, intelligent, inviting, helps preserve books Mrs. Bowles- brainwashed, emotionally disconnected Mildred Montag- brainwashed
Narrator- Guy Montag
Setting- futuristic America
Guy Montag is a fireman, who has been brainwashed by the government to believe books to be evil. Although, one day on his way to work he meets a girl, Clarisse, who changes his point of view on everything, she is one who asks questions and knows about stuff and thinks for herself. She makes him question his job, the government, the standard of living, everything. He one day decides to take a book from one of the houses they are burning and decides they are not all as bad as people say. He gets caught by his wife with the book while the fire chief is over and it’s all downhill from there. He runs to Faber, an old book keeper, who he met once on the street. They decide to attack the government from the inside out, but the chief is smarter than that. His own wife turns him in and he has to burn his own house. He does it but also kills the fire chief in the hustle and bustle. Now guy is being chased by the government and goes into hiding realizing the cruelty