Farenheit Essay

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Farenheight 451 by Ray Bradbury is a story where the future of the world is different them what we think it will become. It portrays a society where books have become illegal. This makes the government pretty much able to brain wash people and do what they want. In the book fire fighters are not what we have come to know today. They are supposed to be the ones who put out fires and save people’s lives. Not in this novel, in their stories society they are around to start what they are supposed to protect, fires. They are the enforcers of the no book laws and hunt down people who have them. People who are found to have books in their house gets their house torched by the salamanders (fire fighters). The society this book shows is different in other ways also. People who are bright thinkers and not afraid to speak their minds are the people who get places in our society. But this cannot be said for farenheight 451.IN the beginning you meet a character who is one of these thinkers but is thought to be dumb and ignorant in their society. She is just like any teenage girl would be today. This shows exactly how bad the future is. The main character of the story is a fire fighter named Montag. He is just a guy doing his job not knowing how bad what he is doing is until one call. He gets t a house that he is supposed to burn down where he finds the owner still there. Usually the cops would have taken her away by now but, not this time. She refuses to leave her house and forces