Farewell To Manzanar Summary

Words: 1665
Pages: 7

Jeanne and James Houston’s Farewell to Manzanar takes place during the evacuation to Japanese internment camps following the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The story starts with the main character, Jeanne Wakatsuki (one of the authors of the book) recalling the events on the day of the attack. She recalls being seven and watching her father and brothers prepare to leave for a fishing trip on her father’s boat, the Nereid. She remembers with detail her “Papa’s” leadership to her two brothers, Bill and Woody, and describes the boat and explains how the boat was in the process of being paid for by percentages of the catches. Jeanne watches the boats leave with her mother and brothers wife when they start to come back. The woman start to worry and …show more content…
She explains how her Papa comes from samuri family that no longer had the status because of Commander Matthew Perry. He went to military school but eventually dropped out and traveled to Hawaii. He got a job as a houseboy for an American lawyer and eventually went to school to get a law degree until he met her mother. Jeanne’s mother was born in Hawaii but moved to Washington. She met her husband in the market and, despite already promised to a farmer and her family not liking Papa, eloped with him and moved to Oregon. They floated around with various jobs until Papa fished in Santa Monica. Jeanne recalled her father as someone with “flourish” and said that he was remembered at Fort Lincoln due to his ability to speak both Japanese and English as well as working as an interviewer. Jeanne includes an interview from her father in the book describing the questions he was asked. He is asked about his uncle (who is in the military in Japan) and explains that he no longer has connections to Japan due to being the “black sheep of the family”. They ask him the names of his children (he leaves out Jeanne) and they question him about their suspicions of him helping the Japanese military. He prolongs the interview by changing the subject multiple times by asking the interviewers age and discussing asking, “When your mother and your father are having a fight, do you want them to kill each other? Or do you want them to stop