Essay on Farming Narrative

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Alexis Meithof
Mr. Nickel
AP US History
30 January 2015
Farming Narrative
Moving to the Midwest was more easily said than done. The initial part of the move that
showed to be complicated was deciding whether or not to actually make the move. If my family
was to move out there, then we would have to deal with resettling ourselves and starting over. If
we were to stay, then we would not have the land to cultivate crops on. So, we made the move.
Upon our arrival, we decided to buy land to start on the process of farming.
Like most farmers in the region, we bought the land and all of the supplies needed to
plant our crops, which there was was a very limited supply to choose, from the Furnishing
Merchants without asking much about the pricing as the time went on. These people were not
very nice and tricked many of us into over speculation. I had a conversation with one of these
merchants, when purchasing necessities, about how much of each thing he wished to sell to me
that I really needed and would have time to use. He had tried to push me into buying excess
product in which I would not need or use at all! Needless to say, that conversation ended in my
not purchasing the excess. The next step I took after acquiring land was to plant.
Before we could plant anything, my family had to go over our land and see what could be
used for farming and what could not. To our dismay there were multiple areas that could not be
used. As we went about farming, we came to the relocation that the supplies were very deficient

and made the work strenuous. There were natural disasters that made it difficult as well. Pests
and hurricanes took out many crops.
When the time for harvest came upon us, the malicious Furnishing Merchants…