Farm And Cities Are Good Places To Live

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Farms and Cities are Good Places to Live Choices are selections that people make every day. Selecting what they want or need in order to live better could be the main purpose of life. The ability to distinguish positive from negative decisions always has a high impact on an individual’s success or failure through life. The first important choice in a person’s life is a place to live. The place where people live should be close as perfect as possible in all areas because its complete life as a whole. People make their own story according to their conclusions and preferences. Upon taking their own decisions, lives will be lived; families will be built, and work will be done. Farms and cities both offer places to live, work, and build families, but stress and isolation in either environment can influence on people’s resolutions. In cities, people could have the false impression of safety and belonging to a larger group, but risk and loneliness are quite common. The personal privacy is well preserved because even though people live in crowded areas, each person has their own space. Regarding this, citizens no longer know their neighbors; consequently others’ personal lives have become nobody’s business. To aggravate it more, in order to control the noisy environment from the cities, the use of headphones has become a must have commodity for many, which could isolate people even further. Cities are frequently goals of terrorism. This is another questionable and very important point while choosing a place to live. Everyone must be prepared to evacuate from cities if an unexpected situation happens. It is well known that, cities are places where the lifestyle is swift, precise and accurate timing always play an important role. The urban lifestyle comes with a large variety of attractions for both day and night lovers; such as beautiful parks, monuments, bars, and many cultural events. However, beware; it all comes with a price! Time is the currency in place and everything still has a schedule to follow. The contrasting styles of people living together in the cities can be easily detected: the well-dressed business people in their somewhat wealthier style, to the large middle class with their hard-working lives, to the struggling poor people that survive with the government’s aid, and to the homeless who are alienated with their social situation. All inhabitants of the city compose the citizens’ background as all use the same subway transportation grid, get in the same buses, and walk on the same streets. People often look after each other if one is found in an emergency situation, but they rarely talk or get too involved with one another. All these above are consequences of people’s choice of city living, some for the better living, yet others for the less fortunate way to live. In farms, even though there are fewer people living close by, the human warmth and kindness comes from the majority. The strong relationship between family members makes lunch and dinner time a marvelous moment. Everyone is significant and has a substantial importance in each other’s lives. Children probably will interact more with their parents than with anybody else, for that reason family members will show a profound trust among them. As far as education goes, home schooling could be a successful option for these children that do not have access to the traditional school system that would require special transportation to far distances, inconvenient or even impractical for most. The pleasure of listening the birds chirping and feeling the scented breeze of the orchards could make farms a lovely musical place to live. Most children that lived in the farm have sweet memories from their childhood. However, leisure can be more limited to outdoors activities, such as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, or some other open-air games and activities. For these very reasons, youngsters’ lives