Fashion: Goal and Apparel Stylist Essay

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Fashion and its constant change have always taken my interest. Explaining the reason why I decided to research a career in the Fashion Industry. Zappos Development Inc., which was just recently named #11 on Fortune 100’s Best Companies to work for, had a job opening that peeked my interest. The position listed was an Apparel Stylist, in order to fill the position there were many skills I needed to possess. In this paper I will thoroughly give a brief description of the position at Zappos Development Inc., explain the way that goal setting could help motivate my performance after I’ve filled the position, illustrate the ways I will manage and cope with the stress I am sure comes with the responsibilities of being a apparel stylist and lastly describe how I might address cultural barriers and nonverbal communication I might face holding the position.
Holding the job title of an Apparel Stylist is a big deal. As stated on the company’s website this is not your average styling gig. (Zappos web). The Job comes with many responsibilities to be successful in this career. To be a great Apparel stylist you must be a effective leader because the main objective is to oversee the appearance of the products being captured by the photographer. (Zappos web) These products will be displayed on Zappos website, illustrating a very high volume daily catalogue (Zappos). Since this position is for a well know, Internet based company, the audience is very diverse therefore the candidate must be very creative and have the ability to capture anyone’s attention. The position also requires the candidate to be flexible because you never know whom you will be styling, human or mannequin. Flexibility plays a big role in the life of an Apparel stylist also because of the constant evolution of fashion. In addition to the skills I have listed above the Apparel stylist must be a team player and able to work with other because the job includes being able to explain to the photographers, merchandisers and assistants certain styling techniques to ensure that the finished product transitions well to its audience. This position requires the candidate to be able to work under pressure and meet very strict deadlines, demanding the individual to be highly organized. As an Apparel Stylist you must act as director of editorial photo shoots, correspond with some of the worlds biggest designers and style some of the most well known models and celebrities.
The process of setting goals for ones self is no easy job and it is even harder to stay on top of completing them. Goal setting is know as the process identifying desired results which individuals or teams will try to reach to increase the organizations success. (textbook p.192) According to (text book 192) setting goals is one of the top motivational tools that increase employee’s performance. (textbook.) If a person does not set goals in the work place they will become stagnant and comfortable, never moving up or gaining recognition. Higher management may also look at the individual as a hinder to the company because they don’t see growth within the individual. Setting goals is detrimental to one in the position of apparel stylist for many reasons. According to (Goal Setting book) , effectively setting goals is one of the keys to success and makes it easier to complete the most difficult task. The role of a apparel stylist has so many task to complete on a daily basis, it would be near impossible to complete them with out setting challenging goal. The individual can also expect higher performance when the goals he or she has set are challenging. (textbook 192) Also, the fact that the goals are challenging upon completion of these specific goals the…