Fashion: Logo and Online Personal Shopper Essay

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Coursework 3
We initially did a mind map of our ideas by doing this it made it a lot easier to get started, so we came up with the idea of having an online site where photos of a model wearing an outfit would be uploaded, with the link of the item to the its original site. This would be achieved by using affiliated marketing, we believe that we would somewhat promote the item with the right kind of buzz. The idea is also to create a fashion community, where people come on upload their own looks, enjoy the photos uploaded and if they want to take it a step further sign up for the online personal shopper who will create a look for you all for a monthly subscription.
The foundations of the website were created using weebly for the wire frame, which gave us a platform to really put forward our creative thinking and bring the design together. We originally

decided that the website would look a little something like this, we wanted a lot of the important information on the front but still keep it to a minimum but my teammates thought it was to crowded for their liking so I took it to weebly and constructed it a little better.

Our websites page layout would be split up into the different components for example the home page would be a section where all the fashion news would be posted, celebrity outfits and so forth this will keep the end user excited to come back on to the website.

Home page: which would have a lot of the fashion news and updates that would entice people to stay on the site
Product or service: the service would be a panel of stylists that would choose an outfit for the individual who pays for the service, we would also have affiliated marketing which would has a direct link to the products.
Blog page: this is where the pictures of the outfits would go on
Utility page: a standard page of about us and contact us

We also took into consideration the key variables for web designing for instance:

Emotional connection
Online experience
Responsive service nature
Fulfilment (christodoulides et al 2006

This would provide a great framework for our website as I believe as long as we follow these 5 variables and keep them in mind throughout the entire producing of the site then it will be a great success.

Whilst designing the logo I thought of the importance of getting noticed, as there are plenty of websites that are fashion based, how will the aesthetics of our logo attract attention? I wanted the logo to be a presentation of the brand that we was creating, it had to give the customer an insight to the image we was portraying. The idea behind the logo was to give off a sense of sophistication and class something the everyday woman could relate too. On the logo there is also a cartoon shirt on the end of the websites name this added a pop of colour to the very monochrome website layout

I also designed these logos also and was having a difficult time trying to choose which of these would be best be suited for the site; they each embodied a different style so in the end we just took a vote on which logo style we would go ahead with and ultimately the first design was the best and was the one we went forth with. Regarding colour we chose not to go with the purple themed colours as we felt as the black and white idea was better suited for this project it gave a sort of elegant look and that is initially what we wanted.

There was plenty more design options that we had but we didn’t think they best represented the overall brand image so we didn’t even