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Which to choose, fashion or fitness? Many individuals have their preference of being a new and upcoming trend-setter or trying to change their life style for the better. GUESS, a brand known worldwide, for its brand name prices and latest trends, connects with those fashionistas anywhere. Whereas, Oakley Women may not be as popular, but it hits a wide spectrum of women who are interested in keeping fit. While both ads are similar in targeting women who are conscious of their appearance and focus on one individual in the advertisement because of their differences in their target audiences, they are very different in the way they present their products by how the brand name displays itself and and by the colors applied in each advertisement. Considering these differences show us that Oakley Women would be the more realistic choice in Women's Health because of the interest in keeping fit. In both advertisements, GUESS and Oakley Women, you have two women who are both conscious of their appearance. Both include fit, appealing women which helps to sell the product even more. When viewers see both ads, many will wonder how those products will look on them, or what other people will think of it on them. Although both strive for different audiences, both use striking poses to accentuate their products. In the GUESS advertisement, the model has somewhat of a sensual pose that connect to women who like showing their figure, as well as a high-end brand product that has a put together look. But then there is Oakley Women. Although the active woman's pose isn't as striking, it still sets the mood of fitness. Women that view this advertisement and relate to it are one's who usually take time in keeping fit and want a healthy lifestyle. Not only does this ad target already fit women, but also women who are trying to be fit. This makes it very motivational because of how fit the woman is. You see the tonicity of her abdominals and arms , which indefinitely makes other women want to reach that girl as well. So even though each advertisements are targeting two completely different audiences, they are both trying to get women who pay attention to their appearances. Trying to focus on one individual and figuring out the topic of an advertisement can be a bit confusing. But when it comes to the GUESS and Oakley Women advertisements, their main purposes clearly come across in each ad. In the GUESS ad there really is only one individual to focus on. Yes, the background is set in a beautiful place, but the model is still the center point of the ad. The whole advertisement is so simple with just the model standing in the water directly looking at the camera, that it makes a bold statement that this is GUESS, this is what we stand for, take it or leave it. Many high-end clothing brands will have a lot going on in an advertisement so that people are bound to look at it, but less is more in this advertisement. However, the Oakley Women's advertisement is a little different. Even though there are multiple women in the advertisement, it still only focuses on one individual: the woman who is keeping up with her fitness. The whole point of the ad is for the Oakley Activewear, not for the women talking in the background about the latest fashion trends, which clearly shows in the ad. Even though there is more going on in this advertisement, it has a more familiar feel because this is common in everyday life, which many can relate to. The women in the background are even more beneficial to the leading woman of the ad because that shows that they even know she's the main thing to talk about, and she's not even worried of what they have to say. She comes across with a ray of confidence, which is appealing to women who are trying to either stay active or become active to change their lifestyle. Although both ads focus on the main individual in each advertisement differently, the meaning for the product comes across clearly. The similarities are…