Fashion: The Coolest Fashion In The 1900s

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“The Coolest Fashion in the 1900s” Fashion is a popular style that people like for a matter of months or years. People follow fashion because they see someone else wearing something they like, so they follow. Sooner or later a lot of people are wearing it, so it becomes a fashion. Before the 1800s fashion was somewhat controlled by the law. This law was called Sumptuary Laws. The Sumptuary Law controlled the amount of money you could spend on clothes/fashion. One of the first true fashions appeared in the years of 1300-1400s. In the late middle ages the people from Europe begin to classify people by what they wore. In some countries, only the ruling class could wear silk, fur, and the colors red and purple. Since the 1800s the fashion industry …show more content…
In the 1960s London was the center of fashion. In 1956-1962 there was not much of a change in fashion. Fashion designers had to think of something quick. By the 1960s fur was not too popular anymore, but gloves were still worn everyday. Men and women were wearing bright and swirling colors. Large buttons on the fronts of dresses were quite popular. Many women preferred skirts instead of dresses at this time because they could mix and match outfits better. Women wore very very short skirts. The men wore tunics and capes. The women were showing skin like never before. Girls had long hair and boys grew beards. Long hair and beards were very common. The wasteline reappeared. Lots happened in the late 1960s. Flared bottom pants were in. Patterns got even brighter. Also the waistline disappeared again. In the late sixties you would often see women wearing mens clothes. Jackie Bouvier was married to President Kennedy. European styles dominated. Jackie Kennedy led some fashion styles like her pillbox hat and clean dresses. The Kennedys were already making history. By John being the youngest to run for president and Jackie making unforgettable fashion trends. After President Kennedy's murder Jackie disappeared as did her fashion