Fashion: Trademark and French Connection Essay

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1.0 Introduction

The aim of this Report is to provide a detailed analysis and an in depth break down of the high street brand French Connection. The report will include an assessment on the company profile, market competitors and a design rationale of my personal portfolio. Further more a SWOT analysis will be provided, evaluating internal and external factors. The information shall be obtained from online resources such as Athens, Mintel and other online websites. This will then be assessed in my self-evaluation and conclusion.

2.0 Company Profile

French Connection (great plains, toast and YMC) are all part of the same team they are all high street clothing brand founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks. French Connection set out to create a high street brand that would be appealing to a broad market and extremely fashionable. REf
They as a company would also take into account the fact that they want the clothing to have good quality, yet affordable prices. French Connection now offers a clothing range, which they feel is fashion-forward and perfect for their broad market of target customers. “The French Connection brand operates in the fashion-orientated market place offering a fashion-forward range of quality products at affordable prices. Our customers, typically aged 18-35, appreciate that the brand is at the leading edge of high street fashion and offers quality and style in its products.” (French Connection 2013). FRENCH CONNECTION also has a website as well as buying items instore you can also purchase a range of items online through their web address –

3.0 Product

3.1 Merchandises and Competitors

After realizing there clothing was selling well and seemed to be extremely popular with their target market, they decided it would be a good idea to extend the French Connection…