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Putting the Fast in Fast-Food I’ll never forget my summer carhopping at the Sonic Drive-Thru. As I worked there throughout the summer I saw how a fast food industry operates. The fast-food industry is changing every day. There are new products being introduced in the market and new slogans being created. The fast food industry has three main goals good taste, convenient time, and price. When the industries abide by those three rules they are sure to make money off their product and have a happy customer. The fast food industry is a multi-billion dollar franchise. Fast food places are always looking for new ideas and products to sale to customers. Burgers are a very popular food worldwide these days, and especially in the country where they originated, America. At Sonic, the buns alone contain both high fructose corn syrup and sugar as main ingredients. The cheese, used on their burgers as well as other dishes, contains artificial coloring. If it were real cheese, it would have proper coloring on its own. Sonic has kid’s meal and all the kids meals come with toys and what attracts to toys? Kids do, having toys in the meals makes kids want to go fast food places more often. What five years old could resist a cool race car? Or a doll forms the newest Disney movie? When it comes to kids, sonic is all about bribery. Some people really do love the taste and ease of fast food. And there’s nothing wrong with eating at Sonic occasionally. Putting the fast in fast-food that’s what all the big business is about right? Getting the food out at record time to meet the customer’s standards and making sure they are happy are what’s important to most fast food industries. Working at sonic it’s a whole different world because you are literally taking out different orders to up to thirty different stalls. At sonic you hustle to put the order on the treys and as soon as you’re out the door you’re running to your destination. The Sonic corporation wants great service from all there business to have speedy service time to them it’s the most important part of sonic. During happy hour is probably the busiest time of the day. It starts at two and ends at four. Happy hour means half price drinks, slushes and ninety nine cent snacks. The fast food industries have different prices compared to each other. In my opinion Sonic is a bit pricey. The price of a single patty at my local Sonic Drive-thru is three ninety-nine and that’s just for the burger not the whole meal its self. For a super double cheeseburger it comes out to be five nine-teen that’s including tax. If you wanted to add bacon or