Fast Food Essay

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Caleb Ham
Mr. Pandit
Composition I
13 July 2014
“No Fast Food”
What do you think about fast food? How do they benefit you? Just to benefit your hunger? What is even in the food? Fast food are an abomination to the people. They are by no means good for human consumption because they cause obesity, they lack of food preparation, have unidentified ingredients, and the environmental hazards are all reasons that fast food restaurants are unhealthy. Many people tend to become lazy and don’t want to cook and instead settle for unhealthy meals.
Fast food is the number one cause of obesity in America today. Restaurants such as McDonalds attract millions of people with their low prices. Therefore, it makes food more convenient and easily accessible. It has been discovered that children regularly eat fast food would gain up to six pounds (Gallam,2012). Of course, each restaurant is required to offer some healthy food such as apples, but who is honestly disciplined enough to order that everytime? No one is responsible enough to discipline themselves, if they were the obesity rate would not be so high.
Fast food are just as they are: “Fast food, the food is not prepared properly, and therefore the quality of food is a low grade. For example, McDonalds is notoriously for their one dollar cheeseburger. I had never knew that beef could be so soft and jelly­like, until I had the McDonalds burger. Many people believe that it’s just soo easy to get a

quick cheeseburger. I have never been able to cook an 100% beef patty in less than five minutes. In my opinion, there is no way any type food can be cooked in under five minutes or less and be healthy for human consumption. Most food from the fast food restaurant is not even cooked on a grill; they are heated up by a machine that supposedly cooks it “super fast” in which its ready in five minutes (Gallam, 2012). This is a time saver for the restaurant because it gets the food out faster to the customer but it may not benefit the customer.
Do you really know what you are eating? Many of the fast food restaurants claim that their ingredients are “100%” of a certain ingredient, but in actuality they may only be using portion of it. The fast food from McDonalds contains harmful substances such as tertiary butylhydroquinone, which a chemical waste that comes from petroleum, are inserted in your “100%” white meat chicken nuggets (Gallam, 2012). But of course, no one looks up the real information because people believe everything they hear, only wanting to satisfy their desires. For example,