Essay on Fast Food and Mc Donald

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Mc Donald’s

1. Their target market;
Mc Donald’s need to take into consideration their target market because that is who they will be advertising their product to and who will buy it.
Mc Donald’s needs to take in to consideration the 5 P's
1. Product
2. Price
3. People
4. Place
5. Promotion
Mc Donald’s have a range of products which range from happy meals which cater to younger children all the way to deli choices which cater to older generations. They do this by making the packaging like a small lunch box which will appeal to young children; it is brightly colored and usually has pictures of toys and games which have the purpose of making children drawn to the happy meal. The content of the happy meals food is in smaller portions for children which will enable them to finish it. It also contains a small toy which makes the whole happy meal experience fun for the children and makes them want to come back for more. Prices for the happy meal are at a sweet and safe price which is not too expensive for parents and because Mc Donald’s is the only fast food restaurant which is easy accessible who provide a happy meal deal with the same good quality taste, they are able to afford to increase prices and still know customers will still continue to be loyal.
However, Mc Donald’s products also cater for teenagers also with the saver menu which consists of foods being under £2 this is a good strategy, knowing that teenagers who are not working but are in education are always looking for a quick and tasty snack, the saver menu is a clever way to invite these people in for food on the go at cheap prices.
Mc Donald's promote their products all over TV, Billboards and on busses. The colour scheme