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Supporting the Supported Why is McDonalds at every corner? Fast food industries are showing up at every corner. The growth of these companies is tremendous. McDonalds originally started as a dine-in restaurant and then became a fast food industry. Fast food industries like Burger King, Carl’s Jr and McDonalds have been benefiting from society for too long. It’s time to take a look at the whole industry and realize what they’re doing out of the city and in the work environment. Fast foods growth is causing problems to our society as far as health, factory farming and labor intensive. Fast food industries are causing problems to our health. Many Americans are dying at early age because of poor dieting from these industries. Obesity is one of the leading causes, that society is having trouble with through these industries. Kids are being introduced to the happy meal, at a young age and not knowing what’s in the food they just ordered. Starting off at a young age is the hardest habit to break for someone with obesity. There is other health problems caused besides obesity and that’s cancer. The radiation from the microwave when the meal is prepared, is asking for an early death. Most of the food is thrown in the microwave and added with flavor to make it taste better. Plenty of other health risks come with these industries.

Helping the revenue of fast food companies, is leading them to buy out all of our factory farming. Farming has changed since the 90’s, bigger companies like McDonalds is buying out these farms and telling them how to run their business. Farmers are being stripped from their own will. The way the farmers were growing was obsolete and new machines are taking over the farms. The way animals are raised and what kind of drugs they’re fed cause many problems. It takes an average of 45 days to raise the chicken. The chicken is fed with drugs to help the growing process faster. After the 45 days, the chicken is fat and barely able to walk. The drugs that are being fed to the animals are unnatural. Fast