Fast-Food Industry Essay

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“Can I have three BigMac meals, all with Shamrock shakes, and could you make those all large meals? Two big kid Happy Meals with chicken nuggets, another large fry, three Oreo McFlurries, oh, and twenty McDoubles,” a man asked as he pulled into the Drive Thru. “Sure,” I responded, shakily, questioning in my head if he was being serious. Sure enough, the man was being honest and was only feeding a family of five. Throughout the whole restaurant you could hear the echo of “ew” from other employees, in disgust. Aware of the ingredients that the food is made with I refuse to eat anything from there, even the salads that end up being around 700 calories. I know for some people it may be very difficult to resist that BigMac sandwich, especially when it is fresh off of the grill, still coated in the grease and then layered with the special sauce; that sounds delicious! When that man comes back another day to retrieve more food for his family, and continue to do so for the next month, he will soon question why he feels so depressed and wonder why he has seen an increase in the number on the scale. So who does he blame? Of course not himself because he could have never done harm to his own body. Instead, the blame is put on McDonalds. Before Ray Kroc ever have the genius idea of creating a fast-food restaurant, the majority of the population was healthy and rarely was there any talk about obesity. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, approximately one-third of adults are obese and roughly 17% of children are obese; this is due to the increase of fast-food restaurants. The increase in obesity has increased dramatically. Not only has the increase shown on the scale, but the increase in promoting a stop to obesity is racking up a large amount of money. Balko stated that, “President Bush earmarked $200 million in his budget for anti-obesity measures” (page 158). Instead of spending the money on a more appropriate matter, the government has decided to get “between you and your waistline” (page 158). If a man continues to eat so unhealthily for so long, he could see long-term issues in many years to come that will affect him and is slowly kill him. Our country has an ongoing list of food and instead a man chooses to eat at McDonalds and harm his body. Why not enjoy a fruit salad instead of that fatty McChicken? Learn to love your body. Self control is the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires. A man cannot walk into McDonalds for several days in a row, order extremely unhealthy food, see negative results, and then blame the company. It is not the restaurants fault that that man chose to eat there day after day. The restaurant did not force the man to eat their products, it was his self-control that was incapable of putting up the walls to restrain himself from consuming the food. Never point fingers at someone else for your mistakes; own up to your problem and find a solution for it. Several lawsuits have been filed against McDonalds and many other fast-food companies, blaming the restaurant for