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Fast Food Industry Analysis
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February 17, 2015


Opportunities or Threats

(T)The baby boomer generation represents the largest age group in Canada and, in terms of numbers alone, they have a tremendous influence on Canadian market trend. (Grocer, 2011)
This can be a threat because as Canadians age, the focus is more on living a healthy lifestyle in order to look and feel younger as well as increase longevity of life. As a result, this decreases the chances of them going to fast food restaurants. (Jessica)

(O) In Canada, demographic, cultural and economic diversity is increasing. There are more people with different ethnic backgrounds, lifestyle and tastes than ever before. (Canada Food & Drink Report , 2015, pp. 1-117)
This poses as an opportunity for fast food restaurants because they can increase their sales by providing variety on their menus to reflect the different tastes of ethnicities within the population. (Simran)

(O) The proportion of Canadians who live in rural areas has been dropping and in 2011, fell below 1 in 5 Canadians to 18.9%. (Martel, Chagnon, & J., 2015)
This is an opportunity because the decline in rural areas could mean that more people are moving to urban or industrialized areas. This allows restaurant owners to know where to position there stores and increase their sales. (Gretchen)

(O) The proportion of one-person households increased from 25.7% to 27.6% of all households. (Milan & Bohnert, 2015)
This can be an opportunity because people who live alone only need to think about themselves therefore are more likely to go out to eat and buy single-serving meals at fast food places. (Toni) Socio-Culture (O) Increasing demand for healthier food. (Canada, 2011). In line with Canadians' increasing health consciousness, fresh produce has become more popular, as have products addressing specific dietary requirements, such as low-fat and cholesterol-free product varieties. (Jevtic, 2011)
It is an opportunity. While demand for healthier food increases, fast food could introduce more healthy food choices in its menu and reverse its weakness into strength. (Jessica)

(T) An Asian influence is being seen more and more in Canadian cuisine, with statistics indicating growing preferences for rice, seafood and pork. Since 2001, the number of meals that include potatoes has decreased by 703 million eating’s on an annual basis, while those that include rice have increased by 297 million eating annually. (Canadian Press, 2011)
It is a threat because as the face of Canada's population continues to change, our eating behaviour is sure to follow suit. Consumers are flocking to healthful and flavourful ethnic cuisines such as Asian and Mediterranean foods were the emphasis is on ingredients such as vegetables, grains and fish. (Jessica)

(T) Social attitudes are more accepting of young adults living or staying with their parents”. (Rennie, 2015)
This poses as a threat because individuals who still live under the care of their parents tend to get the living necessities that come along with it such as eating free home-cooked food. Therefore they are less likely to spend money by going out to eat. (Gretchen)

(T) Due to government and various organizations attempts to fight obesity, people are becoming more conscious of eating healthy food. (Chief Public Health Officer`s, 2011).
It is a threat because people are stepping back from fast food. There has been a vast cut down in the consumption of high calorie foods, junk foods, foods having high amount of saturated fats and other components which may hamper the normal health conditions causing health complications like heart related problems. (Jessica)

(O) Canadians have more money, less time, fewer domestic skills and less inclination to devote time to food related chores. (Beraneck, 2011)
It is an…