Fast Food Research Paper

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Sanhueza, Mathew
Ms. Fairweather
ERWC/Period 2
25 September 2012
Fast food is what everyone is eating now in days. Customers to fast food places are getting obese eating their product. People are starting to blame fast food restaurants for getting the customers fat. When really people should start taking responsibility for what they choose and not choose to eat. It’s the consumers fault for eating fast food when they know it’s bad for them to begin with. I mean the nutrition facts are posted in the restaurant. Consumers should really look into what they are eating for their own good and also their children’s. They need to especially watch what their kids are eating because they are our future. Consumers are blaming fast food companies for their obesity when they are the ones eating fast food to begin with. It just don’t make sense how you are going to eat fast food and blame the companies. People need to stop being lazy and prepare themselves something more healthy to eat.
It’s also not right to have fast food commercials to encourage kids to eat their unhealthy fast food product. They add toys to their kid’s meals and they also come out with a new toy every month. The fast food companies don’t care though all they care about is making that money and getting profit. Consumers instead should just accept the fact that fast food companies make you obese if you are unhealthy. If they really don’t want to get obese then don’t eat the fast food that simple.