Fast Food Then And Now Essay

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Fast Food Then and Now

Over the years since fast food was created, it has changed tremendously. From what goes into our food, to how the animals are made. Back in the day when fast food first started it was much healthier then now. Now we have E-coli and a bunch of other chemicals put in our food. Things were also way different with the way the animals were made.
When fast food first started the animals were made normally, just in mass then they would make fresh food. Now they inject steroids into animals to make them grow twice as fast, and in half the time. They also freeze their meat and then make it so it is not as fresh as it was. Over the course of the years not only has the quantity and quality changed but the way things are done have changed as well. The service now is not as friendly as it used to be, and the technology has changed tremendously over the years.
One of the biggest changes is the price in food, you could get a burger for ten cents, and a soda for five. Now a soda costs one dollar, and a burger costs at least a dollar depending on where you go and who you go to. In my honest opinion you could get a better quality burger for way cheaper, and now you are basically paying for a health disaster. Fast food use to be a rare thing for my Grandfather, he said “ It was like going to a fancy restaurant now”. Now I personally go get fast food at least three times a week sometimes more. I especially go a lot more after a spots practice, or game.
I believe that since they have made fast food restaurants people are starting to get lazy. The fast food industry probably plays a huge role in the fact that The United States is the number one country in