Fast Paste of Life Essay

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In older times when there were no machines, life though inconvenient, was simple. Then came the technological era which brought many changes along with it. Some of these changes are good while others are bad. On one hand it has dramatically enhanced the speed of commercial productions, enabled man to gather loads of information in seconds and made the chores easier and lives convenient. On the other hand it has increased the competition in various fields. In this new competitive environment only those people can survive who can keep pace with the rapid changes in technological advances. The strife to compete and to excel has greatly enhanced the speed at which human beings are required to accomplish tasks. The rapid pace, in turn, exposes them to a number of medical, family and social problems and these problems outweigh the benefits offered by the rapid pace.

Firstly, in the modern world the number and incidence of medical problems is on the rise. This is because, people today are required to make quick decisions and a single wrong decision can cost them a fortune. This factor accompanied by the continuous struggle to meet deadlines, the need to continuously update themselves about the latest changes in their respective field and the celerity required to accomplish a task makes people stressed. The stress in turn lowers the immunity of the person and hence makes him vulnerable to a large number of health problems. These can be simple skin problems such as acne or other complicated medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and even nervous breakdown.

Secondly, the fast pace of life causes a large number of family problems. People are so busy in fulfilling their job requirements that they have very little time to spend with family. As a result the family structure is being shattered. Those who are married are getting divorced while those who are bachelors have no time for the love affairs. Parents are continuously ignoring their children. When children are young they are at the mercy of day care centers and when they get a little older baby sitters take place of their parents. As a result, children are becoming distant from their parents and have