Speed Of Love

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Faster than the speed of love
By Ryan Cornell

It was the early morning of June and drake had just finished feeding the horses and the school bus had just arrived when he got to school he started walking up to his class on the third floor when a new girl by the name of Lexi dropped her books down the stars and drake decided to help her. He asked her where she was from and she said “I am from California but I had to move here because my dad had got into a car crash and died so now I am living with my grandma here in town I couldn’t live with my mom because she passed away 4 day before my dad died so my life is kind of a mess”. Drake said “oh I am sorry to hear that it must stink not having any parents I am sorry about what happen to your dad but if you need someone to talk to about anything you can talk to me”. She said “thanks I appreciate it by the way thanks for the help”. He said “no problem”. After school when he got home he decided to call up Lexi and ask her to come over. So she did. When she got there he said “follow me”. So she followed him and she saw two horses and she said “oh wow you have horses sweet I love horses”. And he said “yep I have two the black one is James and the white one is sierra there both gentle horses and very smart and beautiful and very trustworthy, would you like to ride one of them?.” Lexi responded “yes I would but I have one problem I don’t know how to ride a horse can you teach me?” he responded “sure would you like to learn on James or sierra?” she said “sierra” “alright let’s get started” he said. A few hours later Lexi was riding sierra like a pro and drake hopped on James and they both went for a ride down the trails in his back yard. Lexi seen that there was a river back in the forest and on the other side was a tree that had a picnic table set up with a lunch that drake made. So they stopped off at the table dismounted the horses and had lunch. After lunch they hoped back on the horses and kept going a few hours later they were back at the barn and the dismounted the horses and fed them and a few minutes after they fed them she said she had to go home and that she would see him at school tomorrow. So after she went home he decided to write poems about her.one of them he wrote like this:
In the dark of night and I have no light
I see a beautiful glow
I head toward the glow and I find you
Smiling and it warms
My heart and fills me with joy
Oh boy I’m glad
I saw that beautiful
Glow on that dark rainy night
After he wrote the poem he folded it up in his pocket and went to bed. The next day at school he snuck the poem into her desk and once class started she found the poem and read it and smiled at him. He smiled back at her and went back to his school work. After class they went to lunch together and had fun together. After school he and Lexi went for another ride on his horses again however this time while they were gone drake’s father had come ever to see him. Once lexi and drake got home from their ride they walked into drakes house laughing until they seen his dad standing there with his 1 arm and drake immediately stopped laughing and looked serious at his father for a few minutes without saying a word. After 5 minutes drake finally said to his dad “why did you come here you damn drunk?” After he said that his dad said “I wanted to see you” and then he hugged drake and asked him who she was and he told him that this was lexi a friend of his. A few hours later drakes dad left and him and lexi went outside and she was getting ready to head home when she was about 15 feet away she turned back toward him and ran up to him and kissed him. The next day she walked into class and opened up her desk and seen a note from drake and she read it and this is what it said:
Dear lexi,
I am happy to tell you that I believe that I love you and I was wondering if you could meet me at the tree in your back yard and I will explain the rest there I would appreciate it if you