Fat Is a Feminism Issue Essay

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Is Fat a Feminist Issue:

Imagine you are walking down the street; you are a ten years old skinny, beautiful girl. You pass some people walking down the street and you vibrantly say “hi!” You are neither scared nor embarrassed; instead you are excited and outgoing. You are not worried about what they are thinking about you, you are just being friendly. Now imagine you are walking down the street. Your ten years old, you are not obese but you are not billboard skinny. You pass some people walking down the street and instead of saying hi you put your head down and walk a little faster hoping to pass them without them saying anything to you like everyone else does. Memories flush to your head “You are a fat lard, elephant, no one likes
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I feel like any girl would admit this too. In some point of every girls life they felt jealous of a different girl, used a different girl’s body image as a icon to help them persevere to look like them as a motivation; As I am one.
Again, being “fat” shouldn’t be a huge deal unless you are unhealthy and obese. Some girls are born with bigger bones and when they try to look like girls who are born with smaller bones that is not healthy. And I agree with Graff stating that being fat is a feminist issue, and should be stopped. If everyone would be comfortable in their own skins the world would be a happier place. If everyone looked the same then what would be the fun of expressing yourself.

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