Essay about Fate Vs. Freewill

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I was raised in a Christian home and raised to believe that God has a plan for our lives. I do believe that we have the free will to make decisions in our life; however God knows those decisions before we do. God knows before we are made in our mother’s wombs, how our life will turn out. He knows how many days we will stay on this earth and he knows the trials and sufferings we will face. Those trials, sorrows, joys, and sufferings will all come from our free will. My destiny is determined by the choices I make throughout my life. I can either make the choice to follow the Lord and his laws and spend eternity in heaven after I die, or I can make the choice to turn against him thus spending eternity in hell. The Lord would love for everyone to turn and follow him but not everyone may choose that path in life and may fall prey to the devil. Though my choices in life may not be pleasing unto the Lord he always offers a chance at salvation and redemption, another example of how my choices can affect my destiny. I can choose to turn away from the gift of grace he has given or I can chose to accept his grace. The Lord knew that all people would fall prey to sin; he knew they would be given the chance of free will. In order to save his people from their free will he gave his son to this earth in the form of a child. This child lived a perfect life and died a terrible death to save all of us from our sins. Those sins are a product of our free will to make our own decisions in life.