Father and Children Essay

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ENG4UB UNIT 1 SUPPORT QUESTIONS a) Using my knowledge about the story so far, the type of strategies I have decided to use is my purpose, my approach, and what I already know. From the before reading strategies.

My Purpose: The purpose of me reading this story is because it is a part of my curriculum of the course. As I read I will look for opportunities that presents itself to use the before reading strategies.

My Approach: The type of approach I will use while I read this story is slowly and carefully to understand and comprehend what I am reading. The reason for that is because I want to know what it is going to happen throughout the rest of the story, because so far from what I already know interest me to find out what happens next.

What I already know: What I already know is that there is a beautiful well dressed mother that has three children and lives in a nice house with a beautiful garden. The neighbors knows the family as a “Happy Family”, but really for some reason the mother deep down in her heart dose not love her children. Also the children’s know that their mother dose not love them and they can tell when they make eye contact with her.

b) During Reading Strategies

Create Mental Images:
- Big house
- Well dressed/stylish family
- Famous popular people
- Not enough food on the table to feed the family
- Lack of money
- Mother/Father stressing
- Little children not knowing what really is happing in the house
- Mother/Father cannot please there needs of style due to lack of money
- Voices talking to the children
- Children playing with nice expensive toys
- Images of toys

Make Sense of unfamiliar words:
The word pram is an unfamiliar word to me, but as I read on through the sentence it becomes more clearly to comprehend it is a place where the Big Doll is sitting on which can be a sailboat that the child recently got her and has a smirk on its face. It must be a noun