Essay about Father and New Parents

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In early January of 1838, on a warm winter day there was an orphan girl named Victoria who was a bright and vibrant young girl. At the age of three, life was tough, her mom told her she would have to move to a George Muller orphanage. At the time her mom had been struggling to pay bills and keep food on the table.Victoria did not know what to say she had just lost her dad 3 months ago and all she wanted to say and ask was,''why mommy?'' The next day she packed up her belongings and got in to the carriage. Half the ride was quiet, until finally Victoria said,'' mommy I love you and I will never forget you.'' For the first 3 days little, lonely, and quiet Victoria thought her mommy was coming back despite what the other kids had told her. On her fourth day there, her hope started fading and even though she wanted to go back home, she was going to make the most of her time there until she could get adopted. Later that day, after she had eaten her sandwich, she meet five girls. Their names were Emma, Anna, Emily, Ella, and Suzan. Anna was a playful and happy 5 year old who had been at the orphanage for a year. She helped Victoria by helping her understand why her mom had left her there and that they were well cared for and that she was going to be okay. Emma and Emily were friendly and hyper 4 year olds who told Victoria that she could play with them any time. Ella and Suzan were 12 year old twins who helped out by telling her what to expect and what to do so she did not get in trouble. A year and 1 month went by and it was now February and a letter came from her mom.The letter said,'' I'm really sorry about what happened and I would have sent a letter sooner but I have been really busy and have recently become very ill. I hope you have been doing well at the orphanage, and I wish I could see you again. Later that day she sent a letter to her mom saying she misses her and she is doing okay. The next day it was Victoria's 4th birthday,and she got good news: someone wanted to adopt her and her 5 friends to live in a mansion with them. They would want her to move in within a month. They would live three and a half hours away from England. Victoria and her new siblings would meet their new parents in one week. A week went by so slow that it felt like an eternity. Finally they would meet their new parents. Their new mom had beautiful blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, she was five feet eleven inches, and wore a fancy blue dress that made her look super skinny. Their new dad was five feet ten inches and he wore a black suit with a red checkered tie. They then signed the papers and documents which made us their