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Many men feel that there are barriers that keep them from being involved in their children’s lives. They may feel inadequate as providers or unprepared for the emotional demands of fatherhood. Some may hold false beliefs about the role of fathers, such as the idea that moms should provide all the nurturing and dads should simply provide materially and nothing more. Both real and perceived barriers can be overcome when willing fathers utilize helpful resources such as books, training opportunities, community support systems, and networking among other men who are experienced and successful in their fathering. The Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County exists to offer such resources to fathers in these and other areas.

About us
Awareness of the pervasiveness of father-absence in Beaver County was the catalyst for launching The Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County (FIBC) in June 2009. The Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County is dedicated to strengthening families’ communities, and challenging fathers to be responsible, committed, and loving role models to their children. The Fatherhood Initiative provides fathers with education, advocacy and support; and gives experienced fathers an opportunity to join and strengthen an established network of men who support one another as well as mentor new and less experienced fathers.

Our mission:
To reduce the number of fatherless families in Beaver County by providing men and fathers in the Beaver County area with training and opportunities that will allow them to be self-sufficient, motivated, and confident to be present and actively engaged in the lives of their children.

Our Vision:
Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County will strengthen the institution of fatherhood and empower fathers to become ever more responsible, accountable, committed, and loving role models to their children. We will accomplish this goal by collaborating with other community organizations to make their services/environments more father-friendly; and as children benefits from the increased positive involvement of their fathers, our community will in turn gain strength.

Our Goals:

The Fatherhood Initiative of Beaver County wants to promote responsible fatherhood by helping men and fathers’ of all ages to achieve a greater self esteem and better awareness of their responsibilities to their families and community. To achieve this success, we will empower fathers to becoming successful through life skills building, family reunification, education and career training, employment support and child support compliance.


Raise public awareness of the impact of father’s absence on children.
Provide responsible parenting education programs, like skills based parent education, and parent support and activities.
Coordinate efforts with job improvement opportunities, job readiness initiatives and job placement assistance.
Reform perception within Beaver County regarding the role of men as parents.
Disseminate information about good parenting practices, responsible fatherhood, prevention of domestic violence and child abuse.
Partner and network with community agencies, faith based agencies and family advocacy entities.

. Core Values: Visibility, Accountability, Leadership, Commitment, Engagement, Self- motivation

Visibility We create a strong physical presence in our homes and in our community, promote positive male images, and model appropriate social behaviors.

Accountability We ensure the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being of our families and our community through work, education, engaged parenting, and balanced lifestyle. Leadership We value leadership. We